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Robotis GAEMI-1 is an outdoor self-driving robot that autonomously navigates our world to deliver goods and food.

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  • The ROBOTIS Worker Ant is an outdoor self-driving robot that deliver goods and provide food delivery services. Based on AI
    (Deep Learning), robots can recognize the environment (including any obstacles) to assess and operate autonomously.
  • Urban living has produced customers who require the fast, efficient, and competitively priced delivery of goods with a wow-factor built in. The ROBOTIS Outdoor Ant robot delivers it all, and more. At an unbeatable value, this fully autonomous robot is packed with features to ensure an on-time delivery every time. Based on advanced Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning), this rugged but sleek outdoor robot recognizes it’s environment, senses obstacles, assesses them, and continues autonomously to its destination.
  • With a Deep Learning system, the robot can operate at night as well as in rainy and snowy conditions by detecting driving paths, objects, while tracking sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • By providing an optimized application for each product supplier, movement control and end consumer, it can be easily integrated with commercial systems.

Application environments:

  • Parcel Delivery: Residential Community, Commercial & Retail spaces
  • Food Delivery:  Location tracking available through the delivery app.
  • Short-Distance: Delivery Convenience stores, Market, package delivery
  • Anti-Crime & Surveillance:  Public & Private Areas
  • Reception & Service: Welcome & Reception
  • Quarantine: Disinfecting & Cleaning

Basic Specification:

  • Dimensions: 80X85X92cm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Operating Time: 8 Hours
  •  Structure: 6Wheel Suspense(Incline Capacity: 33%)

Click to view the ROBOTIS outdoor  in action:

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