Vecna APT Autonomous Pallet Truck

The Vecna APT autonomous pallet truck can be used in distribution centers, pick-up facilities, 3PL systems, or virtually anywhere pallets need to be moved on a pre-programmed path.


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  • Complex pallet handling, even material types without wooden boards
  • Endless customization for designated zones and workstation lanes
  • Dynamic route planning on the fly for balance
  • Moves multiple double-stacked pallets with ease
  • Automated LPN barcode scanning, WMS updates, and real-time task adaptation
  • Up to 8,000 lbs. pallet carrying payload
  • Speed tops out at 6.7 mph
  • Smooth handoff with up to 18.6′ right angle stacking
  • Slim unit width, requiring only 9′ of aisle clearance

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