Decrease your reliance on forklifts and lift trucks by using the PalletTransport1500 and Pallet Transfer Station, enhancing safety while reducing training time and expense. Ideal for processes like as kitting, zone picking, and pallet building, the PT1500 allows easy transport of multi-sized pallets (with payloads of up to 2500lbs) across your facility.


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  • With a pallet jack or forklift, eliminate manual travel and boost safety by automating putaway, replenishment, crossdocking, returns, and more.
  • Pallet Transfer Station pick-to-robot with Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pickup, delivery, and drop-off
  • Reduce the number of injuries caused by transporting big pallets.
  • In dynamic warehouse conditions, safely carry complete pallets up to 48″x48″ with a capacity of 2500 lbs.
  • For enhanced navigation and quick, safe stops when an obstruction is identified, each robot features eight 3D cameras and two LiDAR sensors.
  • FetchCore™ cloud software allows you to customize distribution and production operations from anywhere.

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