GOWE Metal Fighter Robots/Humanoid and Biped Robots

Gowe Metal Fighter Robots – a fascinating new world which you can now experience at first-hand and its is the best robot of its type.


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  • GOWE Metal Fighter Robots – a fascinating new world which you can now experience at first-hand.
  • With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions you assemble the kit components to produce a working humanoid robot of the kind only usually found in universities and research institutes.
  • The set includes all the software required to allow you to bring the robot to purposeful life – even if you are a complete beginner. Simple to get started
  • ? Robotics for the beginner; ? The robot is great fun – and the fun starts immediately; ?
  •  Basically No special computer knowledge or programming experience required; ?
  • Catch & Play – move the robot and click: and you have produced the first movement!
  • Carefully matched ?
  • GOWE Metal Fighter Robots The kit contains all the components required to operate this high-tech robot; ?
  • Carefully matched mechanical systems and software.
  • Expandable ? The ATMEL ATMega 128 microcontroller features ample performance reserves for a wide range of expansions; ?
  • The mechanical system is of modular construction, and can be extended to cater for future applications; ?
  • This is an open development platform.
  • Connectable device Sharp GP2D12/GP2D120 distance measuring sensor (optional)
  • Devantech SRF04 Sonar(optional) SRF08/SRF10 Sonar(by Softwareemulation, optional)
  • GOWE Metal Fighter Robots Pyro-Temperature sensor Array TPA81(by Softwareemulation, optional)
  • Gyro : e.g. GWS PG-03 (optional) RC Receiver(at least 4ch., optional) IR sensor included etc.


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