RQ-HUNO Robotic Humanoid Kit (Assembled)

The RQ-HUNO Robotic Humanoid Kit is a new robotic DIY kit designed to provide robot enthusiasts with the value of Education and Entertainment.


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  • Initially RQ-HUNO Robotic Kit in kit form requiring assembly
  • Basically Worlds smallest programmable humanoid robot
  • Actually, 32-bit microcontroller with sound and obstacle detection sensors
  • Basically Additionally 16 DOF robot module and full duplex UART communication
  • Compatible with Microsoft robotics developer studio
  • The RQ-HUNO Robotic Kit is a new robotic DIY kit designed to provide robot enthusiasts with the value of Education and Entertainment and an affordable, feature rich level Humanoid Robot.
  • Moreover, It includes all the latest technology available in higher end Humanoids (16 DoF, Daisy Chain Serial bus, Obstacle and Sound Detection Sensors, USB connectivity and Android Remote Control app*) while being an affordable Humanoid Platform.
  • Basically Design and build various robots simply by plugging together block-type robotic actuator modules. Without programming, users can download robotic motion files from the internet and play them on the RQplatforms.
  • The new Microsoft Robotics Studio 4 and the Powerful MSRDS Visual Programming Language.
  • This lets you design advanced Robot behaviors with a simple, flowchart style programming environment.
  • Initially The exclusive SAM-3 Robot Actuators offer a torque of 3kgf.cm and an impressive speed. This makes the lightweight  very quick and agile.
  • RQ-HUNO Robotic Kit DOF (Degree of freedom): 16 servos. IR sensor: Detect object. Sound sensor: Detect sound.
  • Both Sound output(Melody): 9 melody songs
  • Color: Black. RQ-HUNO Robotic Kit Power: 11V Li-poly (50-60 minutes)
  • Internal LED: Blue LED in Smart Servo. Bluetooth(Option): Bluetooth Supported.
  • Basically, RQ-HUNO comes with a ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller. The controller is capable of storing up to 21 motions (11 pre defined + 10 user defined) and up 10 Autonomous Behaviors.
  • RQ-HUNO includes an Infrared Remote for Wireless Remote control. Robot can be controled with mobile.
  • Additionally, RQ-HUNO’s unique Joint Assembly system makes assembling the Robot a breeze. The Robot is assembled using a combination of Joints, Rivets and screws.

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