• The HOVIS FIGHTER HUMANOID ROBOT Kit is a small fighter robot with 17 degrees of freedom.


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  • The HOVIS FIGHTER HUMANOID ROBOT Kit is a small fighter robot with 17 degrees of freedom.
  • Basically It has a Bluetooth module and it can be controlled by Android Phone.
  • Also, it’s very light and dynamic motions are available.
  • Moreover, user can customize the robot as they wish with the provided programs(DR-SIM, DR-Visual Logic) among with 3D Printed upgrades.
  • Accordingly DST Robot’s HerkuleX servos have been designed based on accumulated technical know-how.
  • In industrial robotics control technology to maximize high efficiency, size and user’s convenience.
  • However, Enjoy the brilliant performance of HerkuleX series servos which are equipped with Full Duplex TTL communication to enhance feedback.
  • Velocity Override for smoother robot motion.
  • HOVIS FIGHTER HUMANOID ROBOT also has Mechanically, metal inserted nuts have been used for easy assembly and rock solid structure.
  • And multi-LEDs provides various useful information for builders.
  • The HerkuleX DRS-0101 boasts 12kgf.cm torque and is equipped with super engineering plastic gear train and durable metal brushed cored motor.
  • Additionally The DRS-0201, having super reinforced metal gear train along with high performance coreless motor with 24kgf.cm torque.
  • It also Suits for tougher applications and conditions.

Performance and Specs:

  • Size: 45mm(W) X 24mm(D) X 32mm(H)
  • Weight: 45g
  • Input Voltage: 7.4V DC
  • Stall Torque 1.2N.m (12.0kgf.cm) at 7.4V
  • Max. Speed 0.166s/60˚at 7.4V
  • Operating Angle 320˚, Continuous Rotation
  • Resolution 1024 Steps
  • Communication Full Duplex Asynchronous Serial(TTL), Multi Drop, 0~254 ID, Max 1Mbps (0.67Mbps for DRS-0101, DRS-0201)
  • Motor Metal Brush Cored DC .
  • HOVIS FIGHTER HUMANOID ROBOT  has Position Sensor Potentiometer
  • Gear Engineering Plastic
  • Feedback 4 Position(DRS-0402/0602 : 5 Position), Speed, Temperature, Overload, Voltage, Real Time Tick, etc.
  • Features PID, Feed forward, Trapezoidal Velocity Profile, Velocity Override, Torque Saturator & Offset, Overload Prevention, Absolute Position Adjustment, Deadband, etc.
  • Programming More than 50 parameters settings available via HerkuleX Manager Kit / Arduino, C & C API Library.

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