IG42-DB4 ATR Heavy Duty Platform


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  • These IG42-DB4 ATR Heavy Duty Platform are designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots.
  • The chassis is a rigid gusseted aluminum frame that is precisely fabricated using state of the art CNC equipment.
  • The wheels are mounted on solid steel axles which are supported by two sealed ball bearings.
  • Each axle/wheel is driven by a planetary gear motor through a chain and sprocket drive, delivering smooth reliable power.
  • The robot uses differential steering (movement is based on two separately driven wheels placed on either side of the robot body.
  • IG42-DB4 ATR Heavy Duty Platform It can thus change its direction by varying the relative rate of rotation of its wheels).
  • While we recommend the standard configuration.
  • The TP-170-042 kit allows for a wide range of customizations based on your needs.
  • We offer a variety of motor controllers, batteries, RC controllers, and encoders so you can configure the robot to meet your requirements.
  • The weight of the robot will vary depending on how the robot is configured (batteries are the main cause of this).


  • Choose from our selection of wheels.
  • You can choose from our standard grip pneumatic tires or if more traction is required you can choose our rugged all terrain traction lug tires.
  • IG42-DB4 ATR Heavy Duty Platform Gear Motors: Choose from our selection of different RPM gear motors.
  • As you go down in RPM, your payload capacity will go up but your speed will go down.
  • As you go up in RPM, your payload capacity will go down but your speed will go up.


  •  We offer a few different battery options but there are two types of batteries that we recommend using with this kit:
  • Lead Acid and LiFePO4. The lead acid batteries are much less expensive but are heavier,
  • Do not provide any internal circuit protection, and can survive anywhere from about 200-1000 charge cycles.
  • IG42-DB4 ATR Heavy Duty Platform The LiFePO4 batteries are more expensive but are much lighter, have internal circuit breakers
  • prevent damaging themselves, and can survive about 1000-3000 charge cycles.
  • The charge cycle estimates are based on the recommended depth of discharge for each battery cycle.
  • A lead acid battery is only recommended to be discharged to about 50% of it’s capacity
  • LiFePO4 battery can be discharged to 100% with no long term affects.

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