Leo’s Loo Too

Leo’s Loo Too is the newest addition to the Casa Leo family. Featuring our most advanced set of features, including Google and Alexa voice controls, a mobile smart home connected app, triple-layer safety protection, programmable UV light & more, the Leo’s Loo Too is a massive step forward for cat families looking for a better alternative to traditional litter boxes. With four fun colors, a modern design, a larger waste drawer and whisper-quiet motor, we know Leo’s Loo Too will improve life for you and your fur baby.


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  • After your cat exits the Loo, the machine projects UV rays into the waste drawer to thoroughly sterilize. The UV rays are up to 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria, parasites and viruses.
  • Protect kitty with three layers of advanced safety technology that stop moving parts whenever kitty is detected:
  • Four Weight Sensors that detect when kitty is inside the drum
    An aerospace-grade Anti-Pinch Sensor at the top of the waste drawer
  • Get more out of your waste drawer. The improved waste drawer in the Leo’s Loo Too is 58% larger and includes a lid and smoother sliding system.

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