Leo’s Loo

Leo’s Loo self-cleaning litter box detects each time your cat visits and automatically cleans up afterwards. In just seconds, Leo’s Loo separates waste from clean litter and deposits it in the enclosed waste drawer underneath. It helps eliminate odor, reduces litter usage and liberates you from constant scooping.



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  • Leo’s Loo automatically cleans itself after each cat visit. An alert on the display will tell you when the waste drawer needs to be changed. And that’s it. Workload reduced. Life improved.
  • Leo’s Loo features a large display and touch-friendly buttons that make setup and use easy, and allows you to keep track of your kitty companion’s health and behaviors.
  • Our ultra quiet sifting technology generates less noise during cleaning cycles than most household appliances.
  • Kitty bathrooms don’t have to be ugly. Leo’s Loo was designed to look beautiful wherever you decide to place it in your home.
  • We designed Leo’s Loo with kitty safety in mind. Weight sensors and anti-pinch technology stop moving parts so our feline friends are always safe when they step inside.

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