Litter-Robot 3 Connect Clean Bundle

Get the cleanest litter box experience with the Clean Bundle, including Litter-Robot 3 Connect—the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box for cats—a fence, a ramp, 25 waste drawer liners, 3 carbon filters, premium cleaning products, and a hassle-free 3-year protection plan!



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  • The cleanest bathroom in the house can belong to your cat with the Clean Bundle! Get Litter-Robot 3 Connect, an accessory kit, and comprehensive coverage with our WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranty. We top this bundle off with all-natural cleaner wipes and the Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat, which catches litter granules on a urine-repellent mat below.
  • The Litter-Robot automatically separates the waste from the clean litter, providing your cat with a fresh bed of litter every time while helping reduce litter usage. Just empty the drawer when full!
  • The Litter-Robot sifts waste within minutes, and the carbon-filtered, fully enclosed waste drawer helps reduce unpleasant litter box odors.
  • No need to worry about territorial issues in a multi-cat home, thanks to constant access to a fresh bed of litter. One Litter-Robot is suited for up to four cats.
  • The Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat catches litter on a urine-repellent mat below its top mesh layer to greatly reduce tracking in your home. Use our pet-safe wipes to keep kitty’s bathroom sparkling clean!

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