Litter-Robot 3 Connect Double Bundle

Two Litter-Robots are better than one, and perfect for multiple cats or friends who still scoop the litter box!



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  • Have more than four cats? Want to give the gift of never scooping again? This bundle includes two Litter-Robot 3 Connects—WiFi-enabled, self-cleaning litter boxes that you can remotely monitor and control—along with comprehensive coverage with our WhiskerCare™ Extended Warranties.
  • The Litter-Robot automatically separates clumps from clean litter, leaving your cat with a fresh box every time. Just empty the drawer when full!
  • With an always-clean bed of litter, you can say goodbye to dirty paws that track litter—or worse—all over the house.
  • Litter-Robot sifts waste within minutes, and the carbon-filtered, fully enclosed waste drawer helps reduce unpleasant litter box smell.
  • Territorial issues? Not anymore, thanks to constant access to a fresh bed of litter. One Litter-Robot can handle up to four cats.

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