MicroScan Plant phenotyping robot

MicroScan Plant phenotyping robot is used for mircoscanning purpose.Use in all environments .Easy traveling with small case .Scan volume of 108000 cm3.

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  • MicroScan Plant phenotyping robot is used for mircoscanning purpose.
  • Use in all environments .
  • Easy traveling with small case .Scan volume of 108000 cm3 in 20 seconds .
  • Morphological & Spectral data e.g. plant Height and Color .20+ plant parameters each scan .Visualize & analyze data with Hort Control.
  • Technical details Scan speed:50 mm / s Scan Area (Platform):40 cm x 30 cm Max.
  • Scan Height (Incl. pot):46.8 cm Weight:30 kg including case 22 kg assembled system
  • Case dimensions:280 × 467 × 828 mm System dimensions WxHxD:1080 × 1122 × 390 mm Operating temperature range:0 – 40 °C Humidity:0 – 96% rel. (non-condensing)
  • Power requirements:110 V / 230V AC Power consumption:
  • Max. 100 W Protection class Frame: IP 42


  • High throughput – Scan thousands of plants multiple times a day .
  • Reduce costs – automate plant assessment also .
  • Indoor Farm Automation – 3D vision and big sets of plant data For applications where detailed information or high numbers of plants are required.
  • The PlantEye F600 phenotyping robot is built with high quality standards to operate in any environment like growth chambers, labs, greenhouses and fields.
  • 1. 3D & SPECTRAL SCAN PlantEye moves over your crops and captures them in 3D and with multispectral information.
  • The PlantEye moves over the plants to create our unique 3D Models.
  • We combine 3D imaging with a multispectral flashing unit, that illuminates the plant and measures up to 4 wavelengths immediately.
  • After the 3D acquisition of the plant in high frequency.
  • This way we can overlay 3D and multispectral information in one combined data set without the need for complex sensor fusion algorithms.
  • Hence we provide both morphological and physiological parameters in one shot.3D and Multispectral data combined .
  • High precision .Independent of lighting conditions .Fully automated .High scan interval – Scan day and night.
  • Many phenotyping devices require the plants to be moved.
  • Robots have relatively minor variations in their physical form.
  • Still, they can vary widely in their onboard technology, depending on their specific use case and the environment in which they operate.
  • Therefore, PlantEye F600 phenotyping robot is can operate with incredible accuracy and precision while keeping the overall weight low.
  • You can also obtain parts from our service partners.
  • At Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online.

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