The Remote Control Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.0 serves as your best stand-in at home, such as accompany family members, playing with kids, and using it as a monitor.


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  • SIFROBOT-4.0 is a basic Telepresence Robot. It uses iPad or Android Pad as its brain. People can use the SIFROBOT-4.0 to represent her/his video, voice and movements in real-time. Furthermore the compact design greatly saves the package space.
  • The SIFROBOT-4.0 comes with a wide-angle lens, an external speaker, and Automatic Docking features. It also comes with Auto-Answer feature (sometimes referred to as “Auto-activation”) allows you to activate the SIFROBOT-4.0 remotely; thereby eliminating the need for human intervention at the robot’s location.
  • This is particularly useful if you are hoping to check-in on family members or pets without needing one of them to activate the robot. The Auto-Answer feature eliminates complications caused by such things as a lack of familiarity with modern technology, limited eyesight, or simply not hearing a call. Just login and find the person you want to see.

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