SIFROBOT-4.1 is a professional reception robot which includes a 10″ HD screen. It is an effective business tool, it allows your virtual presence to be heard and felt, even if you’re not physically there.



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  • SIFROBOT-4.1 includes obstacle detection, collision avoidance, and an anti-falling system for security and safety while driving. SIFROBTO-4.1 features facial recognition and face-tracking, as well as the ability to ‘wake up’ when a human approaches.
  • One of its main functions is the Remote Control-One Way Video Call. When someone is consulting, users can edit the information in the background and pass the information to the guest through the robot. The SIFROBOT-4.1 displays the default expression. It then converts text into speech, but still allows you background control to add a voice or a manual input information.
  • Also, the video chat, two-way call and emotional transmission, users can have a face-to-face video communication, and accompany family anytime, anywhere. The Telepresence Robot can automatically wake you up at two meters distance. When the robot is asleep, it will wake up automatically, greet the guest or say “welcome” when the guest approaches. The SIFROBOT-4.1 can recognize customers through the face-recognition system.

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