How about a telepresence robot that goes beyond just helping you have a virtual presence at the office even when you are halfway across the world? A telepresence robot that can actually do your job for you even when you are asleep? The SIFROBOT-4.3



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  • Remote video surveillance. You can use your smartphone to remotely control the SIFROBOT-4.3. This means that you can be halfway across the world and still keep an eye out for things at home, even talk to a family member or play with your kids.
  • Smart home control. The SIFROBOT-4.3 can help you control your smart home. It could turn off the lights and turn on the air conditioning, among other things.
  • Design. The SIFROBOT-4.3 is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, a very strong and rigid plastic that is also highly insulated and glossy. In short, the material used is not only built to last but also contributes to the beautiful design.
  • One look at the SIFROBOT-4.3 and you would know that this is true. It looks sturdy and expensive, not some oversized cheap toy robot, especially with the use of metallic paint and finish. The SIFROBOT-4.3 stands around 3.44 feet or 105 cm and has a width of a little less than a foot or 30 cm. wide. It also weighs 15 kilograms.
  • Voice control. With the SIFROBOT-4.3, you do not have to always tinker with your smartphone or some sort of physical control. You can just issue voice commands and it will pick up on what you said even when you are across the room.

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