Humanoid Telepresence Robot: SIFROBOT-4.21 is a connected robot using a cloud-based IoT system. It includes all the hardware needed to satisfy a wide variety of functionality, from telepresence and business advertising / marketing to entertainment, smart home control and autonomous robot development.



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  • SIFROBOT-4.21 is a based IoT Humanoid development platform ideal for development or education
  • Provides you all the required hardware to program your own autonomous or telepresence robot
  • Includes sensors for multiple capabilities (voice commands, human interaction and movement)
  • Android-based API system open to app developers
  • Features a docking station and a projector (1920 x 720, 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • With its multiple sensors and communication methods, SIFROBOT-4.21 capabilities can be developed for voice and facial recognition or for controlling Smart Home appliances (Amazon Alexa app onboard).

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