Anti-Pandemics Disinfection Robot SIFROBOT-6.4 assures a well-sterilized environment where such viruses has no change to survive, supervises security measures and ensures the necessary conformity to these measures.



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  • Disinfection function: carry out continuous disinfection for 7*24 hours in crowded places or high-risk areas.
  • Body temperature measurement function: the body temperature of people in crowded places or high-risk areas of the epidemic is measured. Through the analysis of infrared thermal map, the abnormal body temperature of people is judged and the alarm is given in time.
  • Detection of personnel wearing masks: voice reminder for those who do not wear masks.
  • Remote control function: through the real-time connection of communication module and background. It can be manually controlled by the central control room staff to complete temporary or sudden tasks.
  • Thermal Sensors: This equipment makes the robot very versatile since it can used for surveillance and security patrolling
  • Intelligent analysis: fast information collection and real-time processing. The returned information is automatically processed by the system,which is convenient for the watchman to make a quick decision.
  • Seamless monitoring: 24-hour continuous monitoring and real-time monitoring .
  • Multi-sensor and Simultaneous Localization And Mapping technology: with lidar as the core, it can work normally in various environments and working conditions, can quickly generate environment maps, and can complete positioning and navigation functions without manual remote control. High positioning accuracy, flexible obstacle avoidance, etc.

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