UVC + Disinfectant Sprayer Disinfection Robot: SIFROBOT-6.54 a wheeled chassis with a combination of disinfection machine and ultraviolet lamp collocation.



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  • The robot is equipped with lidar, which can realize omni-directional scanning and ranging detection of the surrounding environment.
  • According to the obtained contour map, the disinfection and sterilization should be carried out in a planned way, so as to avoid adverse effects caused by close tracking contact of human body.
  • The robot is driven by high-density lithium battery, which is maintenance-free and has a long cycle.
  • In terms of killing performance, the chassis is equipped with disinfectant sprayer and ultraviolet lamp. It can effectively kill bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in the environment and air. Accumulated light intensity of ultraviolet lamp: 936uw /cm2, with a coverage radius of not less than 6m.
  • The disinfection area of the sprayer can reach up to 120m2 , which can achieve 360 degree omni-directional coverage.

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