The Dry Fog Sterilizing Atomizer SIFROBOT-8.0 is a dry fog spraying machine which is compatible with most disinfection solutions available in the market.



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  • Decreasing the concentration of the new corona virus (COVID-19).
  • Limiting the outbreak of the virus.
  • Avoidance of chemical exposure and disinfectant linked poisoning.
  • Making a significant difference to terminal room cleaning.
  • No installation, debugging and training of engineering personnel is needed. After the user receives the product and adds the water and salt, he can start disinfecting with one key.
  • SIFROBOT-8.1 offers a crucial solution to limit the dissemination of the cataclysmic COVID-19.A dry mist sterilization system allows the robot to diffuse a sterilizer product in a large working space with its wide-spectrum disinfection effect.
  • You just need to place water and table salt in the tank, to generate sodium hydroxide (dissolved in water) hydrogen (emitted from the instrument) and chlorine.

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