GOWE AS-6DOF Biped Robot(With Electrict Part)

The 6DOF Biped Robot is built with aluminum plates, aluminum angles, and it provides with its best services with accuracy and efficiency.


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  • 6DOF Biped Robot is a professional small humanoid robot consist of full aluminium parts, special non-ferrous oxidation process on surface
  • Basically Smooth edges not hurting hands, the metal is unbleached, beautiful and durable, prevent decoloring for long time using.
  • Additionaly, The 6DOF Biped Robot has six micro servos, each foot is 3DOF, the robot can both walk forward or backward and crouch, stand up, turn, even can do a lot of forward roll and backward roll.
  • Initially, Arches punching, corner cutting to reduce weight, the hole can be attached with soles sensor to detect gait.
  • 6DOF Biped Robot Lengthening straight leg structure raise walking speed, which is beneficial to the Robocup bipedal robot competition.
  • Basically The capacious waist could carry the various sensors and visual identity system, tracking and positioning image.
  • Additionally The 6 DOF biped robot is built with aluminum plates, aluminum angles,
    wood, and rubber materials.
  • It has two legs, two feet, and one trunk, each leg
    having three joints: hip, knee, and ankle.
  • All joints are actuated by gear head DC
    motors with built-in encoders.
  • 6DOF Biped Robot microcontroller-and-PC-computer-based control system is designed for
    the biped robot.
  • The control system consists of actuators, sensors, controllers,
    and a PC computer.
  • The actuators are the gear head DC motors with H-bridge and circuits.
  • The controllers used are two microcontrollers, one for each leg.
  • 6DOF Biped Robot The microprocessors read and process joint angle measurements from the encoders
    and then transmit them to the PC computer.
  • Actually At the same time, the microcontrollers receive control signals from the PC computer and transfer them
    to the H-bridge circuits to control the robot joints.
  • Basically Data transfer between the microcontrollers and the PC computer is implemented by two RS232.
  • Basically 6DOF Biped Robot control algorithm works on computer as.


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