HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot


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  • HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot that uses six of our heavy-duty motors and 13″ tiller tires.
  • Basically The wheels are mounted directly to the motor shaft for simplicity.
  • High ground clearance, high payload, and powerful motors make this robot a workhorse.
  • Initially The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below.
  • The robot is fully assembled, wired, programmed with speed control.
  • Accordingly HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot A ROS control package is available as an option. Read on for more details.
  • Furthermore, it comes with custominzation option.
  • HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot Basically the Drive Method: Direct Drive.
  • Speed: ~3 mph (75 RPM motors and 13″ wheels).
  • Initially Dimensions (LxWxH): 41 x 26 x 19.5 inches.
  • Both Weight: Approximately 200 lbs.
  • Complete assembly, wiring, setup, and testing.
  • Basically Custom 2-tone textured bedliner paint with 80/20 mounting rails on top, sides, and bumpers.
  • Large top Lid for easy access of electronics and batteries. Ample room for additional electronics.
  •  Includes the chassis, hardware, and wiring kits.
  • HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot Six powerful 75 RPM Wheel Chair Motors with encoders added for velocity control of the motors.
  • Qty. 3 13 inch direct drive wheel and shaft set. (Total of 6 wheels and shafts, 3 sets of 2).
  • Qty. 2 12V 35Ah batteries providing 1-3 hours of operation depending on use.
  • Certainly it Includes battery charger.
  • Qty. 1 RoboteQ 2x150A Motor Controller.
  •  Other Electronics Components:
  • 100A breaker switch.
  • Basically Completely wired including all necessary high current wiring, mounting hardware, zip ties, cable tie downs, etc.
  • Initially HK1500 6WD Autonomous Robot Basic ROS Control Package
  • Initially This robot comes with encoders used for speed control/velocity control.
  • They are very useful if you are planning on making your robot semi-autonomous or fully autonomous.
  • The HK1500 is a very flexible and robust platform that can support many different autonomous configurations.

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