LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform


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  • Basically This is our second generation of the LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform robot.
  • It is the same chassis that we offer with our tactical LT2-F robot.
  • The LT2-F treaded robot is lighter weight than the HD2 Treaded robot.
  • This package is the same as the LT2 Treaded Robot, but has the addition of a flipper/stabilizer arm on it allowing it to climb and descend virtually anything.
  • Certainly Robot is an affordable treaded robot that can be easily transported (weighing about 48 lbs) .
  • Initially Small and can handle most terrains with its aggressive all-terrain treads. Several different motors, battery options,
  • Motor controllers can be selected with this robot.
  • The LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform robot is a lightweight tough robot that can go over and under many obstacles.
  • The treads are driven by powerful IG52 gear motors with #25 chain with a 1:2 reduction to the ~ 7 inch front wheels.
  • Accordingly The robot axles are solid high strength steel so they will not bend when the robot is dropped.
  • The flipper arms are driven with a powerful IG52 gear motor.
  • We have designed this robot to be as simple as possible without compromising its strength, durability, or functionality.
  • Initially The LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform tactical version of this robot has been NIST tested and qualified.
  • Certainly This chassis also uses our LT2 track and wheels, which will not derail under any circumstance.
  • See our LT2/LT2-F Bloodhound for a tactical solution using this robot chassis.

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