MLT-42-F Tracked Robot Platform


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  • The MLT-42-F Tracked Robot Platform is designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics.
  • Basically It is a smaller version of our LT2 and HD2 tanks but built with the same high level of quality, strength, power, etc.
  • MLT-42-F Tracked Robot Platform is not a plastic imported robot that will disappoint you.
  • It performs exceptionally well for its size and is intended as a small maneuverable customizable tracked robot platform.
  • Certainly The MLT-42-F comes with motorized flipper arms that allow the robot to climb obstacles and flip itself over if upside down.
  • Accordingly The MLT-42-F Tracked Robot Platform is invertible meaning it can drive upside down.
  • The main body of the robot is a welded aluminum chassis and is driven by the wheel and track set.
  • Initially Each track is driven by a planetary gear motor delivering smooth reliable power.
  • The drive wheels are mounted directly to the motor output shaft and an idler wheel is bolted to the chassis.
  • The molded 4 ply seamless tracks offer exceptional strength and quality.
  • The motor and track combination allow this robot to go over most terrain, yet its size makes it very maneuverable indoors.
  • The robot uses differential steering (movement is based on two separately driven wheels placed on either side of the robot body.
  • MLT-42-F Tracked Robot Platform can thus change its direction by varying the relative rate of rotation of its tracks).
  • The kit provides you with what you need to make a compact affordable All-Terrain tracked robot.

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