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  • Accordingly This is the waterproof inspection version of our LT2-F-W.
  • It uses most of the same components but is sealed and watertight.
  • Initially The flipper arms rotate on the same axis as the rear wheels and are useful for climbing obstacles
  • Certianly for stabilizing the robot if climbing a step.
  • basically LT2-F-W It includes an inspection pan and tilt camera.
  • 30X optical zoom along with LED lights that move with the camera and a durable steel roll cage which offers protection in case of a rollover.
  • LT2-F-W High-powered auxiliary lighting on the front, rear, and sides of the robot help illuminate the entire area.
  • The robot comes programmed, fully assembled, and ready to run right out of the box.
  • Initially We construct the robot chassis from 3003 aluminum coated with a durable epoxy bed liner paint.
  • A combination of shaft seals and gaskets protects the robot chassis from water intrusion.
  • The tracks are molded (no splice), are axle mounted, and chain-driven by IG52 gear motors.
  • LT2-F-W A rugged enclosed case houses the controller and includes a touchscreen LCD.
  • This remote provides live video and a combination of virtual and physical controls to control various features of the robot.
  • Accordingly Joysticks control the robots steering, flipper arms, and and the cameras pan/tilt.
  • Control the camera zoom and focus with momentary switches, and toggle auxiliary lighting with a button on the touchscreen.
  • LT2-F-W You can record video and still pictures via touchscreen buttons.
  • We made downloading recorded media easy with the USB port on the remote.
  • Initially This robot package comes with the following:
  • LT2-F-W Watertight Robot with PTZ camera and LED lights
  • Enclosed Case Controller
  • Certinly Control system
  • Battery chargers.
  • This custom tracked robot is our easy to use solution for inspecting pipes, culverts, etc.

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