• The ROBOBUILDER UXA-90 HUMANOID ROBOT is a well-proportioned 1m tall robot humanoid.

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  • The ROBOBUILDER UXA-90 HUMANOID ROBOT is a well-proportioned 1m tall robot humanoid.
  • Basically It has been designed with a structure similar to the ratio of the ideal human body.
  • Since the skeletal structure of the robot imitates the one from a human, it is possible to produce humanlike movement patterns.
  • Because it uses various programming sources, it can also be controlled in a lot of different ways.
  • The ROBOBUILDER UXA-90 HUMANOID ROBOT also has pre-programmed emotional gestures and mouth expressions with synchronized sounds.
  • Users can also create a new appearance for the robot using the various pre-designed source files.
  • The source files provide details to assemble the structure such as size, position of devices, bolts and nuts.
  • Robot application education, performance and advertisement, service and research.


  • Well-proportioned 1m tall humanoid shaped robot
  • Fall detection algorithm utilizing a 9-axis IMU sensor
  • 300FPS vision processing at 320×240 pixels
  • Fully supports soccer mode for Robocup competition
  • Walking algorithm for biped humanoid robot with balancing control
  • Body design resembling Da Vinci\’s Vitruvian Man
  • Very good at kicking the ball and localizing the net
  • Speech and play sounds with 3W speaker
  • Recognize and track the color and shape of an object (e.g. an orange ball)
  • Real time distance calculations
  • Embedded automatic getting-up behavior function from the supine posture
  • Provide software tool for building performance motions easily
  • Performance motion can be fully synchronized with the sound source.
  • From a performance on stage to a presentation on behalf of a person, this robot does it all.
  • Additionally, the robot can be used to participate in a humanoid robot competition and can also be used as a platform in research.

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