PTW-42 Inspection Robot


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  • The PTW-42 Inspection Robot is for large pipes, structures.
  • The mobile All Terrain Enclosed Robot is programmed and fully assembled.
  • Basically PTW-42 Inspection Robot robot has a 360° pan-tilt camera with 30X optical zoom.
  • All the camera functions are controlled from the controller.
  • The controller allows you to record the video or take still pictures that can be retrieved later.
  • The camera has IR capability, so it can see in all lighting conditions.
  • We also mount LED lights that can be remotely controlled to illuminate in front of the robot.
  • Actually This robot package comes with the following:
  • PTW-42 4WD Robot with PTZ camera
  • Certainly Enclosed Case Remote
  • PTW-42 Inspection Robot Connection System(selected below)
  • Battery chargers
  • Everything needed to run the robot is included in the package.
  • The entire robot will be assembled, configured, tested by our professionally trained staff.
  • Basically Chassis Custom 4WD ATR Welded Aluminum Base with IG42 gear motors
  • Camera System 360° PTZ camera, +90° to -30° tilt (120 degrees total), 20X Optical zoom
  • Audio None
  • The PTW-42 comes equipped with camera mounted lights which illuminate the operators viewing area.
  • Enclosed in a durable hard plastic case. Spring-loaded joysticks for drive.
  • Ccamera controls offer the operator better feedback and more precise control of the robot.
  • They also make it easier to operate the robot while wearing gloves.
  • LCD Touchscreen displays camera feed and controls other functions of the robot.
  • Accordingly inspect areas that are not easily accessible to people. Record the video feed on the tablet!
  • PTW-42 Inspection Robot 4WD robot is very quick and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.
  • Compact, lightweight and fast you can control this robot from the supplied tablet
  • The PTZ camera with IR capability allows the robot to see in all lighting conditions

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